Barry Sanders excited to be on ESPN

Barry Sander not smiling
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ESPN sucks, “Mike Stoops” ??????

Ryan Broyles and Landry Jones ESPN schedule for Friday

Here’s a look at the schedule for Jones and Broyles:

8 a.m.: Year of the Quarterback (Jones only)

8:40 a.m.: SportsCenter (live together)

9 a.m.: ESPN RISE (football field)

9:25 a.m.: Social Media

9:50 a.m.: First Take (live together)

10:10 a.m.: Doug Gottlieb Show taping (with Mike Salk)

10:30 a.m.: Scott Van Pelt Show

10:50 a.m.: Podcast

11:20 p.m.: SportsCenter (live together)

12:15 p.m.: chat

12:45 p.m.-1:15 p.m.: College Football Live

1:30 p.m.: Digital Media

2 p.m.: SportsNation

2:30 p.m.: SportsCenter (live together)

3:10 p.m.: ESPN Radio Dallas

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Bruce Feldman agrees with me, Sooners take Big 12 in 2011

Eric (Manchester, NH)

Since Texas is a mess, and the Huskers are gone, is Oklahoma the favorite to win the Big 12 yet again?


(2:06 PM)

Yes.. OU is young and talented. I’m curious where A&M goes from here and Ok State returns the entire O-line and a lot of key players but loses Hunter and Dana Hologorsen the playcaller.


So first Michael Kim in an interview with Stoops says, the Sooners have lost 6 of the last 7 to Texas.
Its more like OU has won 6 of the last 9, OU lost 3 of the last 4 vs Texas, yet won 3 Big 12 titles in a row.
Stoops correct Kim who is a Missouri alumi.

And now Andre Ware predicts an 8-4 season for OU., LOL.

2 weeks ago, I think it was Rod Gilmore, said on ESPN OU lost all its linebackers, no returning LBs, um, OU lost 1 3rd string LB to graduation.
they are returning every starter and back up.

Whey does espn bother talking about OU?

Hey ESPN you are retarded

Your headline

McCoy, Longhorns put on a show in demolition of Aggies

WOW, impressive, did you forget..

Other teams that have put on a show in demolition of Aggies:

Texas Tech
Oklahoma State
Kansas State

. . . and last but not least:


Honorable mention: Arkansas State

Why is Chase Daniels the leader for the Heisman????

Why is Pat Forde on his knees in front of Chase Daniels? Why isn’t Bradford getting the love from ESPN?

Another Reason ESPN SUCKS, talking about the Patriots run game

They asked Clayton and Salisbury if the Pats can keep winning with an inconsistent run game

OK they are 7th in the f’n NFL in rush yards per game


OU’s Spring Game on ESPN, Again

For the second straight year, ESPN will televise Oklahoma’s Red/White Spring Game live. The game is set for 1 p.m., on Saturday, April 7.

The cable network is yet to assign the announcers for the game.

The visit marks the third overall for ESPN to the OU spring game. In 2003, the College GameDay crew of Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit included the Sooners during their spring tour for SportsCenter

ESPN chat today: Mark Schlabach has OU going to the Cotton Bowl

Farva (U Maine): How come the sooners aren’t being talked about even though they had one of the biggest wins this last weekend? This is a team that should only have one loss vs. a stout Texas team. Will a this week on the road vs. their second straight ranked opponent get them the respect they deserve?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Bob Stoops has done a great job keeping his team together after losing Rhett Bomar, the blown calls at Oregon and the injury to Adrian Peterson. Paul Thompson has played well at QB. Defense has improved. I’ve got them in the Cotton Bowl right now.


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