Oklahoma football roundtable: Who gets drafted earliest? Who has most to prove at Pro Day?


Notes from Inside the Program via The Brainiacs

Many of you have heard some high praise about defensive lineman, Charles Walker. In fact yesterday he was mentioned a couple times as someone who Oklahoma expects to really contribute this coming year.

We’ve got some interesting notes and very high praise from an current NFL scout who saw him working out, doing drills, one-on-ones, etc. recently. The scout was at Oklahoma to look at other players but it was hard for him not to notice Charles Walker. This is the gist of what the NFL scout said:…  Read More

Great Video to get ready for the Red River Rivalry

ESPN sucks, “Mike Stoops” ??????

Brandon Williams BOOMER SOONER

Which OU recruit will have the biggest impact?

Donnell (Ashburn, VA)

Which freshmen will have a bigger impact for OU this season, Williams, Metoyer, someone else?

bruce feldman
(2:27 PM)

I’ll say Williams because DeMarco Murray’s gone and there’s more room for opportunity… I’d probably have answered differently if Ryan Broyles left early but he didn’t.

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Sooner Graduates this Year

Nine current Sooner football players will be receiving their OU degrees at the end of this semester:

Jeremy Beal – Multidisciplinary Studies
Cory Brandon – Multidisciplinary Studies
Emmanuel Jones – Multidisciplinary Studies
Brian Lepak – Finance
Mossis Madu – Human Relations
Eric Mensik – Multidisciplinary Studies
DeMarco Murray – Communication
John Nimmo – Management
Adrian Taylor – Sociology

Three former players are also completing their degrees including Vince Carter, Cory Heinecke and J.D. Runnels.


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