Undercover Cop who arrested Bomar is identified, EXCLUSIVE PIC

pictured here in the middle of two of his Stillwater Police colleagues.
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OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma quarterback Rhett Bomar pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge of being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Municipal Judge M. Fred Austin sentenced Bomar, 20, to six months of probation. He’ll also be required to pay court costs and an administrative fee.

“We do that routinely with young people, especially 20-year-olds who are caught drinking beer before they are 21,” Assistant Municipal Counselor Laura Yates said after a hearing in Oklahoma City Municipal Court.

In seeking the sentence, Yates said she took into consideration that Bomar was a first-time offender with no prior convictions. She said she recommended similar sentences to several people in comparable circumstances last week.

Bomar, who set an Oklahoma freshman record for passing yards last season, was cited by Oklahoma City police March 10 after an undercover police officer spotted him taking beer from friends, pouring it into a white cup and then drinking it at a New Orleans Hornets’ basketball game at the Ford Center.

Yates said police officers kept a sample of the liquid in Bomar’s cup, and Bomar also admitted that he had been drinking.

Bomar’s probation requires him to avoid being arrested again or receiving any traffic tickets.

Prosecutors in Norman dismissed a minor in possession of alcohol charge against Bomar in January due to a lack of evidence. Bomar is also scheduled to be arraigned July 13 in Norman on a misdemeanor citation for hosting a nuisance party.

Bomar, who turns 21 on July 2, threw for 2,018 yards last season and had a touchdown pass in Oklahoma’s 17-14 win against No. 6 Oregon in the Holiday Bowl. He was 8-3 as the Sooners’ starter.

Oklahoma spokesman Kenny Mossman said any discipline would be handled internally and coach Bob Stoops would not have any comment.


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