Stoops reacts Sharply to the Pac 10 apology

Opening statement, regarding penalty and response from Pac-10 Conference:
“At least they have reacted to it and tried. Truly there can be no amends to it and it can’t be corrected. I think (the media) are fair to discern whether the actions taken against (the officials) or the individuals who had an opportunity to get it right are acceptable or enough … compared to how our season has changed.

“If you’re going to write any of this, you need to say it all. I’ve made a million mistakes; I’ll make a million more. In each game and in that game included … there are things I could have done differently or changed. Unlike officials, players and coaches don’t have that opportunity. They had an opportunity to get it right and they chose not to.

“So I find it still absolutely inexcusable and unacceptable. In particular (the) people who had an opportunity to review it all and look at it and get it right. They chose not to. You discern whether a one-game suspension is appropriate for those individuals.

“I’m not talking about people in the heat of the moment out there in the middle of the chaos. I’m talking about people who, like every viewer at home, had an opportunity to see it. It’s not for me to decide what is appropriate, but I think it’s fair to say that a one-game suspension compared to the way our season now is altered, I don’t know if that fits the situation.

“Like I said, I’ve made a million mistakes. In a game I’d love to have a chance to replay it and do it over. They get that opportunity, we don’t. To me again it’s just unacceptable and inexcusable.”

On if the players understand that the season is not lost:
“Our players understand we’ve got a lot in front of us. The season is young. We’ve got a ton to get better at, improve at. I have to deal with this because I am the head coach, but we’re on to Middle Tennessee. We had a great practice. Our players are upbeat. They understand the potential that is on the football team and we’re going to keep working to get better.”

On President David L. Boren’s letter:
“We have a great administration. President Boren is the absolute best president a head coach can have. And you know what, and a great president for this university. You look at what he has done for this university, it’s remarkable. He’s a great leader for us right through Joe Castiglione. I’ve got faith in what they believe is right and trust their opinions.”

On the team’s motivation:
“It’s behind us. We’re motivated. We’ve got another game coming up and we’re going to keep getting better. That’s all the motivation we need.”

On accountability:
“I get a 19-year-old kid who’s out there in front of the whole country and out there in front of 60,000 people who makes a mistake and gives up a play at the end. He’s got to talk to (media) and he’s a man and walks in the tunnel and talks to everybody and explains (himself). All parties involved should have to explain their actions to some degree you would think. There are a lot of dynamics to it.

“We all make mistakes in the heat of the moment. Every coach in the country and every kid would love to replay it and say, ‘Let me do that over.” (The officials) have that opportunity, so how can it be excusable and acceptable? It’s just not.

“The people who were in those positions, I don’t know if that’s enough compared to what they’ve done to our season when they had an opportunity to get it right. And it isn’t like there’s 10 minutes to go. We’re taking a knee, game’s over. I’m not saying we didn’t have our fault in it that we could be better. But that’s the end of the game and there is no refuting that.”