has Adrian Peterson going 3rd

Despite not having a top signal caller on their roster the Raiders opted to pass on Matt Leinart in the ’06 Draft, a move that could come back and haunt them. With that in mind the team is still in need of an upgrade over Aaron Brooks so they use this opportunity to select a potential franchise quarterback. Many Raider fans would point out that Andrew Walter is their quarterback of the future but he has yet to earn that title. Brady Quinn has everything you look for in a quarterback physically and then when you factor in the pedigree of having been tutored by Charlie Weis it’s no wonder why this Carson Palmer clone is projected to be the #1 overall pick.
Slowly but surely the Niners are upgrading their overall talent level but they still lack a true #1 wide receiver. Antonio Bryant was brought in and he’s a solid starter but there is very little to get excited about beyond him so this pick would make a ton of sense. A physical marvel with a rare blend of size, speed and athleticism, Johnson is one of the best wideout prospects to come along in years and could be a better version of Andre Johnson. Due to the program he plays for and average quarterback play Johnson doesn’t get a lot of attention but make no mistake about it he is an elite pro prospect that will go very high, whether it is in 2007 or 2008.
With so many needs it’s hard to figure out where to begin so with that being the case Green Bay simply takes the best player on the board. After a phenomenal freshman campaign Peterson battled injuries as a sophomore but still came through with a solid campaign. Durability is the only big question mark with Peterson but if he can stay healthy he’ll be an elite prospect and potentially one of the best running backs the draft has produced in a very long time. With a tremendous blend of size, speed and power Peterson has evoked comparisons to Eric Dickerson so if he has the junior season he’s capable of you can pencil him into the Top 3 overall.

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