1 more reason to hate ESPN

so at 3 pm, the monday night football pre game starts
5 pm, around the horn and pti, then 6 pm it starts again
all they way to 8:30 kick off

is it monday yet commercials kill me
who asks is it monday yet?
guys working in cubicles ?
don’t they hate mondays?
they are think, is it Friday yet?

maybe is it sat yet

espn, you got monday night football, great, NBC has already stolen your thunder and made Sunday night football the night.
do we need 4 hours pregame of a shitty match up?

i guess the other option, is them running some darts competition programming
or pool


One Comment on “1 more reason to hate ESPN”

  1. NGPF says:

    We actually just blogged about ESPN’s suck at NGPF