Dave Revsine can go straight to HELL

Dave Revsine , Special to ESPN.com (his Heisman List)
No. 4 — Adrian Peterson
I thought Peterson also slid this week. He went over 100 yards against a physical Texas defense, but what will stick in voters’ minds from the game is his failure to pick up a pass that was ruled a lateral and brought back for a touchdown by the Longhorns’ Aaron Ross. Peterson showed a lack of awareness and a lack of hustle on the play. I dropped him from second to fourth this week.

My message to Dave, GO TO HELL. Texas’ D was giving up 36 yards per game. AD had more yards rushing than McCoy did passing. Lack of hustle? F You Idiot


One Comment on “Dave Revsine can go straight to HELL”

  1. ad28fan says:

    Heh, this guy is a douchebag!