chat question about ESPN’s talking heads and their picks

JL (Warrenton, VA): Has ESPN ever considered keeping track and broadcasting the per centage picks of its various analysts. I’m curious about several, but in particular Mark May who in recent years has gone from sane & sensible to hasty, for-tv-ratings-only judgements.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I am offended that you think anyone at this network would do anything to make more people watch us. What do you think this is, a business?

I can tell JL this. May or anyone else making predictions, is about as accurate as me, you reading this, and your mom.


2 Comments on “ chat question about ESPN’s talking heads and their picks”

  1. noyourmom says:

    mark may is a fucking retard.


  2. saw8178 says:

    Did Mark May’s head ever fit in a helmet?..I am surprised. Arrogant and adds nothing to the commentary I can’t read in a po-dunk newspaper.