A glimpse at 2007 OU from last night?

I feel pretty good about OU in 2007. With Braxton out, Trent Williams, a true freshman will get a few starts this year. Our line in 2007 could be Cooper at C, true Jr. Duke at LG, with Sherrone Moore competing with him for the job/backing him up. Braxton at RT, with Williams, whom Coach Merv Johnson said is at the same level as Davin Joseph was as a freshman, and Coach Merv expects good things. OU will finally have a dominate Oline, that he hasn’t seen since 2004. The 4 sophomores playing this year will be a solid unit in 2007.

Our WRs? Kelly, Johnson, Iglesias, Tennell, Caleb? Kelly has NFL written all over him.

TEs, Joe Jon will be a senior, the man child Gresham will be a sophomore, Brody will be a junior.

RBs: Allen Patrick will be a senior. We saw Chris Brown burn his redshirt last night. He’ll be in his sophomore year and joined by Moises Madu & DeMarco Murray.

QB? I’ll get back to you on that one.