ESPN sportsnation chat: “How do you think BSU matches up with OU?”

Jacoby: how do you think boise state matches up with oklahoma?

SportsNation Todd Blackledge: Well, on paper, I’d say they probably don’t match up great. I just saw OK in the Big 12 championship game. They’re big and physical, and there’s a good chance Adrian Peterson is back for that game. They’re extremely fast defensively. However, I think Boise State is a dangerous team for OK. They will come into that game with tremendous incentive, confidence, and a nothing-to-lose attitude. They will give Oklahoma all that they want.


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  1. spinmonkey says:

    What the hell happened to the spooners?

    Hook and Ladder and Statue of Liberty???? How embarrassing!

    Just kidding…that was a great game!


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