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The following is a drive by drive recap of Boise State’s offensive possessions in the Fiesta Bowl.

1) 1st down, 1st down, 49 yard bomb for TOUCHDOWN

2) 9 yard drive following OU fumble for TOUCHDOWN

3) 1st down, 1st down, PUNT

4) 3 and out, PUNT

5) 3 and out, PUNT

6) 1st down, 1st down, desperation sideline heave for 32 yd TOUCHDOWN on final possession of 1st half

7) 3 and out, PUNT

8) 3 and out, PUNT

9) 3 and out, PUNT

10) 1st down, PUNT

11) 1st down, FUMBLE

12) 1st down, 1st down, PUNT


14) 1st down, 50 yard hook-n-lateral on 4th and 18 for TOUCHDOWN on final possession of game

OT) 1st down, halfback pass on 4th down for TOUCHDOWN

Some notes:

In regulation, Boise scored on 4 of it’s 14 possessions. 3 of the 4 came on either the opening drive of the game, the final drive of the 1st half, or the final drive of the game. The fourth came on a 9 yard drive following an OU fumble.

Of the 3 scores not coming directly off an OU turnover, all 3 came on passing plays of 50, 49, and 32 yards. One came about on a play action double move for a wide open touchdown (first drive of the game). The second came on a desperation sideline heave followed by a missed tackle with seconds remaning before halftime. The third came on a miracle hook-n-lateral with seconds remaning in regulation.

Prior to their final miracle drive, Boise had gained 274 total yards, and 82 total yards in the second half. They did not gain a 1st down the entire 3rd quarter.

In overtime, Boise needed 7 plays including a trick play halfback pass on 4th and 2 to score from 25 yards out.

Oklahoma outgained Boise State in total yardage, first downs, and dominated time of possession. All without Malcolm Kelly.

Please, give Boise State all the credit in the world for doing what they had to do. But do not tell me the better team won that game.