Adrian Peterson to announce his intentions to enter the NFL Draft

Adrian Peterson is expected to announce his intention to enter the NFL draft by Friday, according to a source close to the Oklahoma tailback.

Peterson has been interviewing prospective agents for several weeks. He plans to meet with agent Jimmy Sexton on Thursday, the source said. It would be Peterson’s second meeting with the agent.

According to two sources, Peterson previously met with agents Drew Rosenhaus and Tom Condon.

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4 Comments on “Adrian Peterson to announce his intentions to enter the NFL Draft”

  1. mrmp121 says:

    AD will enter the draft, this kid has talent but his nick name should be glass. He gets hurt a lot.
    If he want’s the money, enter now, his glass will be full of cash. Enter later and AD’s glass will crack and look next year for this glass to be 1/2 full.


  2. sooners says:

    wow you are so smart

  3. mrmp121 says:

    Smart, not me, it’s about the money if he has 1/2 brain.

  4. mrmp121 says:

    He has been hurt about 1/3 of his games at OU why would he risk the NFL to go back to a league that is one level above High School