I found a Longhorn fan who actually isn’t retarded

 Re: Texas wil run the table

Don’t count on it. Vince Young dropped out of school for the greener grass of the NFL. He doesn’t play here anymore. Don’t you remember 2006?

1. A crappy K-state put up 40-something on our defense
2. A mediocre Nebraska team could have beaten us if their receiver knew how to take a knee.
3. We needed a miracle to beat Tech
4. We barely beat a middle of the road Big 10 team in Iowa
5. Ohio State beat us badly.
6. A&M shut us down completely at home.

I know most Horn fans are still drunk from 2005, but it’s time to wake up and smell the mediocrity.



One Comment on “I found a Longhorn fan who actually isn’t retarded”

  1. 2006 was by all intents and purposes, a rebuilding year for Texas. Even you in all your venonmous loathing for all things UT will have to admit that 2005 was indeed a “Dream Season”. Yes, Vince Young was a practically a solo effort, but my God…what an effort!

    As Longhorn loyalist, I was disappointed by 2006, but in some ways, I practically expected the let down. That happens sometimes. Not to USC or OU true, but I think it also proved what a key player Vince Young was. In many ways, Vince WAS the one man team that cinched the National Championship title in 2005.

    2006 proved that in no uncertain terms.

    Now, I’m not going to become like one of those pathetic Aggie fans who constantly live in yesterday remembering what it’s was like back when A&M had their last decent team…during the Hoover administration!!!

    2005 was superb but it’s still no reason for Texas or it’s fan base to rest on their laurels. What is past ISN”T prologue. Time to look ahead.

    While, I’m not exactly liking what I’m seeing in terms of Texas depth, but I’m still a fan and always will be.,,even if 2006 repeats itself.

    Thanks for letting me rant!
    Laurie Kendrick