Stewart Mandel is on point, Why does USC not face sanctions???

If you’re an Oklahoma fan, and your program is about to get hit with sanctions over a couple of players (Rhett Bomar and J.D. Quinn) who accepted a few thousand dollars, you must be wondering why the NCAA isn’t going ballistic over the Bush violations, which allegedly involve hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But once again, when it comes to the NCAA, it’s all about what’s easiest to prosecute. The Oklahoma matter involved active players who had no choice but to cooperate if they wanted to continue their playing careers, and the school also benefited from a change of ownership at the crooked car dealership where the players “worked” — the new owners were willing to turn over documents and agree to interviews. Oklahoma was highly proactive in investigating the allegations; however, the NCAA is still accusing the school of not properly monitoring the players’ employment.

USC has also cooperated with the authorities — Pete Carroll and other coaches have reportedly been interviewed — but so far there has been little to suggest they were in a position to know what benefits Bush was or wasn’t receiving. The most direct accusation involving the school is that the agents in question were allowed access to the Trojans’ locker room and sideline. If true, that’s obviously shady, but technically not illegal. (Agents can talk to players all they want, they just can’t do business with them.)