Clint Ingram solidifes starting spot in Jacksonville ranks the AFC LB crews
7. Jaguars. Mike Peterson is one of the league’s top five middle linebackers. Outside starters Clint Ingram and Daryl Smith are young but proven., Ask Vic

Derek from Jacksonville: Is Mike Peterson going to move outside with Daryl Smith staying in the middle?
Vic: That’s what I’m expecting will happen. In my opinion, Smith appears to be more effective in the middle. Peterson, of course, came to the Jaguars as a weakside linebacker who they moved to middle. Let’s remember that in 4-3 parlance the middle linebacker and weakside linebacker are both considered to be inside linebackers. Both positions require the same skill-set. Strongside linebacker is the one that’s different. You have to possess strong coverage skills to play strongside linebacker, and I don’t see anybody taking that position away from Clint Ingram. Don’t make a big deal out of who’s going to play middle and who’s going to play weakside. They’re kind of the same guy.