Oklahoman Wins Contest To Design Trading Card

Kasey Moody has a hobby of designing things on his computer.Moody, 22, entered and won a 2003 contest put on by Reebok to design a shoe for Allen Iverson, who, at that time, played for the Philadelphia 76ers.

For that winning entry, Moody won a trip to the NBA All-Star game.

Moody recently entered another contest to design a sports trading card for SA-GE’s Hit line of cards.

Moody won the contest and received an entire set of the cards, which consists of three different cards for 61 college football players. One of the set is an autographed card. The set is inserted into a package that contains different styles of cards.

Each card is white with the player wrapped by a symbol from a playbook, and seams of a football running down both sides. Moody’s name is on the back of every card in the set.

Moody found both contests by accident.

“I saw the Reebok one on ESPN, and the SA-GE one I read about in a magazine and looked it up online,” Moody said.

The cards are already fetching a hefty price at card shops and on the Internet. Cards autographed by Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell and Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn are selling for between $150 and $200.

Moody’s interest in entering design contests stems from a love of two things: “I like to design things on my computer and I love sports, especially football,” he said.

Taking class at Red River Technology Center helped nurture Moody’s love of design.

“I took some design classes at the vo-tech when I was in high school,” Moody said. “I’ve just always done it in my free time.”

Moody also confesses to being a big University of Oklahoma fan, and has done some design work for players he has met on the Internet.

“I go to as many OU games as I can,” Moody said. “I also do a lot of the graphics for a lot of the players that I’ve met online.

“Being that I’m a big Adrian Peterson fan, it makes it real special that I got to design one of his first rookie cards.”

Of the 61 players in the set that Moody designed, the only one that is framed at this point is Peterson’s card.

“Hopefully, I’ll have them all like that some day,” Moody said.

Moody said that the hardest thing about the process of designing an item is coming up with the idea.

“Coming up with the idea is the toughest part,” Moody said. “Once I have the idea, I can usually whip something out pretty quick. The card took me quite a while, maybe a couple of days.”

Moody said that being able to attend the All-Star game in 2003 will always be special.

“I got to see Michael Jordan play in his last All-Star game,” Moody said. “It was crazy. We got to see a lot of celebrities and players. It was a lot better than I expected.”

Moody plans to watch a few of the players who were in his card set closely.

“I’m a big (Oakland) Raiders fan,” Moody said. “I’m curious to see what Russell can do and (third-round pick) Michael Bush. I want to see how Peterson’s teammate Sydney Rice turns out, too.”

When asked if he’d give up rooting for the silver and black of Oakland to cheer on Minnesota, Moody said, “I’m already a Vikings fan.”


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    sad day for
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