CFN thinks OU could be a sleeper for the national championship

A: If a steady quarterback emerges, Oklahoma is my sleeper-not-a-sleeper to watch out for in the national title hunt. After the way the Sooners stunk in their last two national championship appearances, and suffered the indignity of losing to a Boise State team with roughly 20 starters that wouldn’t have made the OU two-deep, everyone has quickly dismissed them as a contender. That’s a huge mistake. As long as DeMarco Murray is the real-deal runner he was this spring, and if Malcolm Kelly (arguably the nation’s top NFL receiver prospect), doesn’t have problems with a knee injury, the backs and receivers will be among the best in the Big 12, if not the country. The offensive line is the nation’s best, and other than USC, there isn’t a close second. The secondary is among the nation’s three best, and the front seven, while untested, is ridiculously talented.

And then there’s the schedule. North Texas, Utah State, at Tulsa, at Iowa State, and Baylor should all be wins without breathing too hard. Barring some unforeseen change of plans, the Sooners will be favored against Miami, at Colorado, Missouri, Texas A&M. at Texas Tech and against Oklahoma State. The Texas battle will probably go off at OU +2.5, but is certainly not a sure-loss for OU by any stretch. The schedule isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s manageable for anyone wanting to win a national title.