James Hale talks to Cale Gundy

here’s a bit about our running backs

JH: You lost the seventh pick in the NFL draft in Adrian Peterson at your position. But while you may not have a running back as good as Adrian coming back, you have a deeper group of running backs, don’t you?

CG: “Yeah, I do. I don’t want to over do it, but I think I have a really good group. I would like to see a better running back group in the country. I am talking overall. I have five young men that are talented and they all are good in their own ways. I want to see the best three running backs at any school, and I want to match them up against my best three running backs. They are good kids who work hard, but they still have to go out and prove it in the fall when we play the games on Saturday’s. I feel comfortable with who I have.”

JH: DeMarco Murray was so good in the spring that people have forgotten how good Allen Patrick is.

CG: “That is right, because A.P. is good. DeMarco is good as well, as is Chris Brown. There are some guys who will argue on our staff that Chris Brown, throughout the course of the year day-in and day-out, is our best running back. I can’t argue with that as well. They all specialize in different areas. Chris is the most solid overall running back that we have. DeMarco Murray is a guy who can get out and play wide receiver and who can create so many plays on his own.

“Allen Patrick is a true tailback who is going to play hard and physical. Mossis Madu has a little DeMarco Murray in him, and who is electrifying. Then you have a guy like Jacob Guiterrez, who has been around here for years. He is your constant guy who you can trust day-in and day-out. Jacob can step in at any time and help you win.”

JH: Are the running backs different enough that when they are in the game they can present different problems for the defense?

CG: “That is correct. You can’t sit back there on defense and kind of suspect the same old things with our running backs. Those linebackers and safeties are running alleys to tackle people. They are running alleys and filling lanes for Chris Brown, and then next time they have to run an angle for Allen Patrick or DeMarco Murray, who are going to be much different. If you took that same angle that you took on the other one, you are not going to get to the other one. Those are little, bitty things that are important.”

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