Update on Ryan Reynolds from soonersports.com

“I feel like I am way ahead of schedule,” he said. “The ACL recovery was a lot more difficult. This is night and day. I feel like I will be just as fast as I was before, but I’m not in shape yet. That will take about a month.”

Reynolds’ optimism about a quick return is fueled by the fact that he also watched his waist line more closely during this particular rehabilitation. Last summer, the weight on his 6-foot-2 frame ballooned to 248 pounds. Now he’s around 230 and he hopes to play at 235.

“I didn’t have to wait as long to start my rehab this time, but I also took a lot better care of myself this time,” he confessed. “I was able to do more cardio and I was doing leg curls and hip flexors with ankle weights in my first week back.”

Reynolds’ Rehab Going Well