NCAA makes OU vacates 8 wins in 2005

so we’ll be 0-4

and the 8 wins/games, are wiped off the record books

per Joe Schad

* Public reprimand and censure.
* Two additional years of probation to be added to the conclusion of the institution’s current probationary period. As a result, the institution’s extended probationary period will expire on May 23, 2010.
* The institution permanently dismissed two student-athletes from the football team at the point when it determined they had knowingly and willfully been involved in receiving payment for work not performed. The third student-athlete had been previously dismissed for violations of team rules (self-imposed by the university).
* During the 2006-07 academic year, the university did not re-award or reallocate the financial aid awarded to the two dismissed student-athletes, resulting in a reduction of two scholarships in football (self-imposed by the university). The university shall further reduce football scholarships by two for each of the 2008-09 and 2009-10 academic years. This limits the university to a total of 83 football scholarships for those two years.
* Vacation of all wins in which the two ineligible student-athletes competed during the 2005 football season. The individual records of these student-athletes shall be vacated as well. Further, the university’s records regarding football as well as the record of the head coach will be reconfigured to reflect the vacated wins and so recorded in all publications in which football records for the 2005 season are reported, including, but not limited to, university media guides, recruiting material, and university and NCAA archives. Finally, any public reference to these vacated contests, including the bowl game, won during this time shall be removed from athletics department stationary, banners displayed in public areas and any other forum in which they may appear.

* The institution disassociated the dealership’s manager who supervised the student-athletes at the center of this case. This period of disassociation will be for at least five years (until Aug. 21, 2011) (self-imposed by the university).

* The committee further requires that the dealership manager be restricted from supervising or otherwise overseeing, in an employment capacity, any of the university’s student-athletes during the five-year period.

* The university will reduce the number of football coaches who can recruit off campus by one during the fall 2007 evaluation period (self-imposed by the university).