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Dienhart’s SportingBlog
Hot-button issue: Oklahoma
July 30, 2007

As we count down our top 25, Sporting News identifies the biggest question facing each team.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The Sooners need a quarterback to emerge. For the fourth year in a row, OU will have a new starter under center. In 2004, it was Jason White; in 2005, it was Rhett Bomar; in 2006, it was Paul Thompson. This fall, the battle between redshirt freshman Sam Bradford, true freshman Keith Nichol and junior Joey Halzle may not be decided until the week of the first game. But you won’t see Bob Stoops sweat. No doubt, the new signal-caller will be surrounded with lots of talent at wideout (Juaquin Iglesias, Malcolm Kelly, Adron Tennell) and a cache of promising running backs (DeMarco Murray, Allen Patrick, Chris Brown). And the line (G Brandon Walker, T Branndon Braxton, G George Robinson) ranks among the best in the Big 12. Still, someone has to pull the trigger on the works. The goal — like last year — for the quarterback: Don’t screw things up.

????? 2004? Jason was our NEW STARTER?
He was a 6th Year Senior, with a Heisman Trophy