If you think the Patriots are running up the score, go wash your skirt

Its the defense’s job to stop the offense. You play for 60 minutes. There is no Mercy rule in the NFL. This isn’t little league baseball. the Pussyfying of America continues with the media and fans crying about the Patriots.

Coffee With The Coach: Bill Belichick on WEEI
Fred Smerlas: “…Have you ever, in all the years you’ve been [coaching], had such a hoopla about how you guys are winning games? … It’s bizarre. And any team you’ve ever seen – Indianapolis Colts, the Greatest Show on Turf – have you ever seen anyone say ‘Boy, you guys are just putting up too many points’? It baffles me. I don’t know what planet I’m on here. And you’ve been around for a long time.”
“Yeah, and you know, Fred, my background is on the defensive side of the ball, so we always felt like it’s your job defensively to try to limit the points. But hey, everybody’s entitled to their opinion or whatever. All we’re trying to do is go out there and win games and play good football. In situations at the end of the game, nobody’s trying to embarrass or run anything up on anybody, but not playing is, to me, more disrespectful than playing. So taking a knee and doing that, I don’t think that’s really the answer. The ball’s on the 7-yard line and it’s 4th down, kicking a field goal to make it 41-0 instead of 38-0, I don’t see where that’s … I wouldn’t appreciate that if I was on the other side. But again, it doesn’t really matter. I think it’s just important for us to go out there and…you know, the players are doing what the plays are called to run, and as coaches we’re trying to do the things that we feel like are the right thing to do for our football team at that particular time. It’s not about embarrassing anybody, it’s just about doing what…”
Pete Sheppard: [Interrupting] “But it surprises me, I mean, most of the coaches are saying just exactly what you did on television. You know, Cowher, Johnson, all these guys, they always reiterate what you say every week. I am shocked at the number of players, some of them who are going to be in the Hall of Fame, or who are in the Hall of Fame, just don’t seem to get it. And some of those players have been on the opposite side, on teams winning by 35, 40 points, some games. I don’t understand how some of these Hall of Fame players, or will-be Hall of Fame players, don’t get it.”
Belichick: “It’s not a question that I really have a good answer to. If somebody has another opinion on it, they’re entitled to that. But believe me, it’s not our intent to do anything to embarrass anybody else. We have respect for all of our opponents – the other teams and the other organizations. We’re just out there trying to do what we do. And sometimes when you get into a situation where a team brings a lot of guys down and wants to blitz at the end of the game [and] you don’t have enough people to block them all, you don’t really want to get your guys killed because you can’t block guys that are coming free on the line of scrimmage. It’s almost easier for you to throw the ball than it is to run it in those kinds of situations.”
Glenn Ordway: “You could see it at the end of the game, late in the game, I should say, when he was still in there, and Brady got upset because there was movement on the offensive line twice – you got penalized for it twice.”
Belichick: “Well, four times the entire game.”
Ordway: “Yeah, but twice in that position.”
Belichick: “Right.”
Ordway: “And we’re thinking…Freddy and I are watching it, we’re talking about it at the time, and our take probably was: Brady’s pissed off right now because he knows if you go and do that next week when it’s 0-0 and you’re starting the game, that could be a real problem against that football team next week. I mean, you can’t really stop, can you?”
Smerlas: “Improving.”
Ordway: “From a technical standpoint, you’ve got to constantly be improving. How can an athlete actually back off on that pedal late in the game?”
Belichick: “I don’t think that’s what you want. It’s kind of what happened to us last week down in Miami, and I don’t think it was good for us. I really don’t. We played in the second half like…not to the level we’re capable of playing, let’s put it that way. Especially defensively. And the fundamentals in terms of tackling and taking on blockers and being in the right gap and blocking people and catching the ball and doing the right thing with it, not turning it over, those are things that, once it starts going the other way, it can go in a hurry!”
Ordway: “Do you find it’s human nature [that] players have a tendency, when the score is like that, that they have a tendency, some players, to maybe back off a little bit? … Something you don’t want, obviously, but…”
Belichick: “I think it’s always hard to maintain your top level of play for 60 minutes or [whatever it is] in any sport. You see that in all sports. But you try to; that’s your ultimate goal is to play well and to play hard when you’re out there for the entire time.”
Smerlas: “Wouldn’t the ultimate goal also be to incrementally get better every week?”
Belichick: “Of course.”
Smerlas: “So if you go out and shut down and change your whole game plan because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, in the second half you’re not going to have that opportunity to improve because you don’t play live during the week, you have situational stuff. So this is an opportunity to fine-tune yourself, and if you stop doing that and then you run into a franchise that’s playing extremely well you’re not going to be improved to the point where you can beat them.”
Belichick: “There’s no doubt that early in the season – and this is still early in the season, we’re barely halfway through it – you want your team to continue to improve. That’s certainly an emphasis point for us. But again, if it’s 4th down and you’re in your own territory, punting the ball, that’s an easy decision. And it’s the right decision probably in that situation. Fourth down when you’re in field goal range, that’s a tough one. Do you kick another three points there and pile it on, or do you give them a chance to stop you by running the ball on 4th down and if they stop you then they take it back, like what happened in the Buffalo game.”
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