Dumbest Oklahoma Sports Writer for 2008, no its not Berry Trammel

Bradford, Smith or Robinson? Which QB would you want?
1/7/2008 2:35:10 AM

I asked this question early in the college football season, and I will ask it now that the season is over:

Who is the best major-college quarterback in the state? When you think about it, we’ve got three top-flight QBs.

Early in the season (I think after two weeks), I ranked it like this:

1. Paul Smith
2. Bobby Reid
3. Sam Bradford

Now, the season is over, and here’s how I rank the quarterbacks from Oklahoma:

1. Paul Smith, TU: Everything you want in a quarterback – team leader, great sense of the game, toughness, strong arm, good mobility.
2. Zac Robinson, OSU: Will continue setting all kinds of records at OSU. Will be a nightmare for defenses because he’s such a good runner.
3. Sam Bradford, OU: When Bradford is No. 3 on a QB list, that tells you it’s a pretty good bunch.

How would you rank them? Give me your thoughts.

hahahahah, Bradford BESIDE Robinson?