Brian Baldinger & PFW’s Andy Hart Agree, McFadden will be a BUST

Several weeks ago, on PFW in Progrss the radio show, Andy Hart proclaimed that McFadden would not last 5 years in the league nor total 3,200 yards.

Now, Fox NFL Analyst Brian Baldinger believe Darren McFadden will be a BUST

“I think he’s the colossal bust in this draft. He doesn’t run with patience. He’s a very incomplete back who tries to run you over. If he gets a crease, he can take it to the house. But he doesn’t break tackles and he fumbles. I’m not impressed.” – Fox Sports NFL analyst Brian Baldinger on Arkansas running back Darren McFadden.

Don’t believe the hype, I read tons of articles about McFadden could be the next Adrian Peterson.
Adrian Peterson broke the single season rushing record in his 8th game of his career.
NO ONE is the next Adrian Peterson, there is and always will be ONE