Curtis Lofton leads the Falcons with 6 tackles vs. the Titans

Friday night, Lofton had 6 tackles and was impressive vs the Titans.

In the all-important third exhibition game, Lofton showed that he’s a straight-ahead thumper who can fill his lane and stop the run.

“It went pretty good I thought,” Lofton said. “I had a few mental errors, but overall I thought I played pretty good. I’m starting to come into my own and I’m starting to feel more comfortable out there.”

It didn’t take Lofton long to get his name called.

On Tennessee’s first running play, Lofton sifted through traffic and tackled running back Chris Johnson after a 1-yard gain. He slide off a block like butter going on toast and dropped Tennessee’s fleet back.

“I had one gap, so I just shot my gap,” Lofton said.