Hey Mel, who has the better QBs? The Big 12 or NFC West?

Rob (Omaha, NE): Better QBs: Big 12 or NFC West?

Mel Kiper: Oh boy…in the NFC West, you have Hasselbeck, Trent Green, JT O’Sullivan and Kurt Warner. But you can’t compare the two. The Big 12 has some great college QBs. The best is Sam Bradford. By far. It’s not even close when you project to the NFL. He’s tremendously accurate. Unbelieveable smarts and intelligence. He’s tall. Makes great decisions. Excellent talent around him. He’s going to have a decision to make in January. Chase Daniel could win the Heisman, but he’s not going to project highly in the NFL. Todd Reesing is a magician, but he lacks the physical skill you want in an NFL QB. Cody Hawkins. Josh Freeman is the second best NFL prospect behind Bradford. Tall, throws a great ball. But there are some times where he makes a bad throw. Colt McCoy. Graham Harrell puts up big numbers, but he’s a product of a system. The Big 12 is loaded with QBs.