Ryan Reynolds notches rare perfect score in Baylor game

“He graded out at 100 percent,” Venables told Oklahoma beat writers during his weekly teleconference. “I don’t know that I’ve ever had that before. I tried to be very nit-picky and he graded out at 100 percent.”

Reynolds produced a season-high 14 tackles, including two for losses. He leads the Sooners with 41 tackles after five games.

Venables had a detailed explanation in what went into Reynolds’ perfect score.

“It’s lining up correctly. No mental errors. No loafs,” Venables said. “Playing with great technique every snap. If you’re supposed to (get) the curl (route), you cover the curl. If you’re supposed to (get) the hook (route), cover the hook. If you’re supposed to take your guy man-to-man, you take him. If you’re supposed to make certain checks in certain situations, then you do it. And you can’t miss tackles when given the opportunity.”