Andy Hart “Sam Bradford made a big mistake”

Andy Hart of PFW magazine really thinks Sam Bradford made a huge mistake by not entering the draft., Says Andy in an exclusive interview with me. “Bradford took a huge risk and recent history shows that potential high picks that go back to school (Leinart, Maualuga, Laurinitis and maybe come up with a few others) hurt their draft status. It is what it is. I’m rooting for him but history is not on his side. Dude may have cost himself millions.”


2 Comments on “Andy Hart “Sam Bradford made a big mistake””

  1. Unless he gets hurt, he should be fine. There is too much distance between him and his nearest competetitor for the top QB spot in next year’s draft. The one concern is how many years can you go in a row with a QB being the top need in the NFL draft. I still think he gets taken first.