Brent Musburger says you better block Sergio Kindle!

I guess Brent said that gem on college football live. WOW. A sooner fan posted this on

His 1 sack and 1 TFL on the season does look pretty daunting.

Meanwhile Jeremy Beal has 3 sacks and 5 TFL’s and not even half as much hype.

keep blowing Texas Brent.


One Comment on “Brent Musburger says you better block Sergio Kindle!”

  1. lgdrain says:

    Speaking of Brent Musburger, he must have been having an affair with Colt McCoy last year—all we hear is how great Colt McCoy was—well the truth is that the magnificant Colt McCoy went 85th in the NFL draft!! Even McGee with Texas A&M went in the 4th round to the Cowboys–Colt will never, ever take a snap as a starting QB in the NFL–so much for the sports media being realistic!!—go Sooners