Make money by renting your house out for the Super Bowl

If you live in Texas, then you know that the Super Bowl is coming up fast. If you don’t like football or your favourite team didn’t make the play offs, then most likely you will want to go anywhere but Texas. If you’re thinking that a holiday will be too expensive, think again.

There is a simple and quick way to make money for your holiday; by renting your house out for the Superbowl.

Right now, there are hundreds of people going to hotel booking sites trying to find a room in a full hotel. The costs of these rooms are astronomical, and football fans will gladly pay it if it means seeing their team play in the flesh. While this doesn’t give you licence to charge whatever you want, this means that there are people who are willing to pay for their trip to Texas.

Before you begin to advertise your home, think about how much money you want, and think about the realism of getting that amount. If you have booked your holiday away already, then think about what you paid, and what your house has that is different. Proximity to the stadium, free parking, use of your television, Internet, and all appliances; these are extras that people look for when they look at home rentals, because you don’t get these in a hotel. You can charge a little extra for the use of these things.

Also remember that it’s good form to hire a professional cleaner to come through before your guests arrive. You can add this to the cost of staying.

Advertising your home online is easy; you can place an advert on a home rental site or you can make a posting in an NFL fan bulletin board. Home rental sites may charge a small listing fee, but they will give your ad an air of authority. NFL fan bulletin boards will be free to sign join, and you can talk directly with fans that are looking for places to stay. Some fans may be wary of this method, and think that you’re trying to scam them. If you prove that you are realistic about your intentions, this wariness will not last long. Make sure you are clear in your ad about what your house has, and don’t lie or over exaggerate, either. If the guests want a house with a pool and yours isn’t complete yet, let them know.

If renting out your house to a stranger makes you feel uncomfortable, you can try house swapping. Most sites that advertise house rentals also advertise house swapping. This is exactly as it sounds; two families swap houses for the duration of the holiday. Besides a small deposit paid in case anything gets broken, a house swap will be free, because everything that you’re giving away you’re getting as well. People are more comfortable with house swapping than they are with renting their house out, because they know that someone else is living in their house. This makes things easier instead of harder, because everyone treats the house the way they want theirs to be treated.

So if you want to get away from Texas this February, think about house renting. It’s a great way to make some extra bucks.

This article is writer by Bradley Shaw, Owner of, a site featuring various tips on making money by renting your house out for the Super Bowl.