Greg Cosell tweets about Tim Tebow, Lebron James needs to follow Greg

Time to return to Tebow with what’s now out there. Must understand college + NFL game totally different. Physical attributes define success.

More Tebow: To play consistent NFL QM must be able to pass. Many elements comprise that: timing, anticipation, accuracy, to quantify a few.

Tebow hurt by no off-season. At this point does everything too slowly: drop, decision making, delivery. Elongated delivery major problem.

Tebow limited arm strength does not compensate for slow delivery. At thsi point he must be broken down mechanically + built from scratch.

More Tebow: Always remember physical traits define NFL play not vague concepts of winning or hard work. Have to make throws. That’s the job.

Would never say Tebow has no chance but major work in progress. Had him a late round pick/FA coming out. Did not seee skills that projected.

Interesting skill set comparison re: Tebow + V, Young. What made them special in college didn’t project. Running not relevant, it’s passing.

Individual traits, both physical + mental (i.e., pre + post snap decision making, etc) determine consistent high level QB play over time.

More QB: Won/loss record a function of many elements, some specific to QB play, some not. Attributes + traits most important in evaluation.

I can’t speak for how others evaluate QB position. My beliefs primarily based on 20 yrs of NFL tape study. It’s a constant learning process.

2 traits re:elite NFL QB play: Must function + throw effectively w/bodies around you, + willingness to make stick throws into tight windows.

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