Barry Switzer talks to Grantland

Barry Switzer

Barry Switzer

So about a month ago, I got the bright idea to pitch a story featuring Barry Switzer telling old-school recruiting stories. The plan was to have the story run on National Signing Day. I emailed Coach Switzer, never heard anything back from him, and National Signing Day came and went.

No story for me.

But then I got an email two days after Signing Day …

Richard just saw this email! Sorry for my poor response. Would have love to been involved.



Is this some kind of joke? I mean, it was a Hail Mary when I requested an interview with Switzer through his contact page Was this really the King returning my email? But wait. It had to be Coach Switzer; it was an AOL address.


Signing Day had passed. I had no idea what the hell we were going to talk about. Then I realized we weren’t going to talk about anything. He was going to talk, and I was going to listen to one of the greatest football storytellers alive. And for 32 minutes and 42 seconds, that’s what happened.

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