Roy Finch: The Undrafted Hulk

Roy Finch can contribute in special teams, and the Patriots do need a returner

From the Couch

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Welcome the next fan favorite.

Lets start by looking at his stats:

5’6″  177 lbs

4.50s 40 time (1.65s 10 yd, 2.64s 20 yd)

7.07s 3-cone

33.5″ vertical

9.5′ broad jump

22 reps of 225 lbs.

Biggest problem?  Too small.  He can’t be a running back at 5’6”, thats tiny.  So he went undrafted.  And the next logical though is, what team would want a 5’6” back?  What can he really even do?  His senior year stats were less than stellar, (59 rushes for 347 yards and 0 TD) so why even bother giving this man a post?

Because he can run…

And he can run…

He is Danny Woodhead meets the Hulk, and the Patriots just signed him.  You want an undrafted kid to root for, you just found him.  He also has a spin move that will leave you lost and wanting your mommy.


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