Chase Daniel eats a booger


Chase Daniel eats a booger

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Stock Down: Brent’s boyfriend Chase

chase danielStock Down

Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri
Daniel’s team-high 75 rushing yards was overshadowed by his erratic passing performance. The speed of Oklahoma’s defense proved to be overwhelming for the sophomore quarterback, who completed 23 of 44 attempts and threw three costly interceptions in the losing effort. Daniel’s overall play as a first-year starter has been pleasantly surprising, but he must prove he’s capable of recovering from this setback. Next week’s trip to Nebraska will be a huge test of the youngster’s fortitude.

I just read on that Brent has DUMPED Chase. Hopefully Chase will find another older man to be with. Perhaps, Pat Summerall is single. In the meantime, Brent on a plane headed to Austin to be with Colt McCoy

The Love Triangle. Brent and Colt, and Chase

brentBrent Musberger who has been dating Colt McCoy, was all over Chase Daniel today. Brent compared Chase to the best QBs in HISTORY. Nice 3 INTs today Chase. Well Colt heard about this, and is not happy.

Brent needs to call Colt and talk about this. Brent is a 2 timer. Sad how this older man can really manipulate the love of young QBs.


The Chase Daniel LOVE FEST IS OVER. Brent is dumping him and going back to Colt McCoy

MIZZOU was what? 7-1? hahaha, who did they BEAT? NO ONE

back to being just a Big 12 North BITCH to the SOUTH

How sad is QBing in the Big 12? Chase Daniel could be the best QB in the conference

Sad to realize how bad QBing is in the Big 12.