ESPN sucks, “Mike Stoops” ??????


ESPNU Calls the Aggies, the Longhorns

Poor Aggies, ESPNU calls them Texas


So first Michael Kim in an interview with Stoops says, the Sooners have lost 6 of the last 7 to Texas.
Its more like OU has won 6 of the last 9, OU lost 3 of the last 4 vs Texas, yet won 3 Big 12 titles in a row.
Stoops correct Kim who is a Missouri alumi.

And now Andre Ware predicts an 8-4 season for OU., LOL.

2 weeks ago, I think it was Rod Gilmore, said on ESPN OU lost all its linebackers, no returning LBs, um, OU lost 1 3rd string LB to graduation.
they are returning every starter and back up.

Whey does espn bother talking about OU?

Why is Chase Daniels the leader for the Heisman????

Why is Pat Forde on his knees in front of Chase Daniels? Why isn’t Bradford getting the love from ESPN?

Gregg Easterbrook can go F himself, that f’n pussy, slanders the Patriots

That piece of f’n sh*t writer, his article gregg easterbrook

Colts-Patriots tilt shaping as battle of Good vs. Evil

click here for the article 

some bits from this asshole

As for New England’s running up the score, supposedly the Patriots are angry about the Beli-Cheat scandal and are scoring points like crazy to express their anger against the world. Wait a moment: What right do the Patriots have to be angry? They, after all, are the ones who admitted to systematic cheating. Other people didn’t impose that situation on them — they cheated of their own free accord, imposing the tainting of their accomplishments on themselves. The Patriots were not wronged; they wronged others. Yet they’re mad about being caught, and they seem to want to take out their bad feelings about themselves by embarrassing second-echelon teams. That bespeaks lack of character. That’s Dark Side. That’s Evil.

That’s why the Pats at Colts game Nov. 4 so clearly represents Good vs. Evil. The Colts stand for everything the NFL, and sports enthusiasts, should be proud of. The Colts stand for a positive future for the NFL. The Patriots stand for — well, wouldn’t it be nice if the Patriots would explain to us what they stand for. When Good meets Evil, I know who I’ll be rooting for.

Go f yourself you piece of shi*t

I hope google gets this post up as number 1 for search of  Gregg Easterbrook

His article is SLANDER

Another Reason ESPN SUCKS, talking about the Patriots run game

They asked Clayton and Salisbury if the Pats can keep winning with an inconsistent run game

OK they are 7th in the f’n NFL in rush yards per game


College Football Live IDIOT Robert Smith?

He was asked by Rece, what preseason top 10 team will fall out of the Top 25

he said OU

He said, beside the ? at QB, OU has problems at DE and LB

oh really f*ck face?