Josh Jarboe, how many players were involved?

Listening to Al on the sports anmal, he’s calling Josh a victim. What about the players that were around him, helped with the rap, who shot the video? Did the players want him to get busted for this?

Who else was involved? Did his future teammates screw him.

Stoops caves in

I hope Jarboe catches on somewhere else and kick ass. I hope he does more raps on youtube, What happened to this pussified country?

Josh Jarboe dismissed from OU football team

After meeting with coach Bob Stoops on Friday morning, freshman Josh Jarboe has been dismissed from the University of Oklahoma football team.
The university announced the decision in a press release this afternoon.
“We are disappointed in this outcome, but our complete review and this final decision is in the best interest of our program” OU coach Bob Stoops said in the press release “We outlined for Josh the expectations we had for him when he arrived and, unfortunately, those expectations have not been met. Josh needs to learn from this experience. We hope he can move forward in a positive manner.”

I think its bullshit, didn’t Granger STEAL? Broyles? GAS? they are on the team. This kid RAPS and gets dismissed? when is RAPPING illegal?

whats worst? stealing or rapping about guns?

The Josh Jarboe video? Big Deal

Get over it, all the fans crying for him to be kicked off the team, he’s having fun rapping on a clip on youtube, big deal. BIG FUCKING DEAL

Ellenwood, Ga. receiver Josh Jarboe, who is ranked the third-best receiver and 14th-best player in the nation by ESPN, committed to Oklahoma on Saturday