3 Days Until Oklahoma Sooners Football

3 Days till 2018 Sooners season

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25 Days Until Oklahoma Sooners Football

Getting close!

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Anthony Stafford

James Allen

D.J. Wolfe

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27 Days Until Oklahoma Sooners Football

29 Days Until Oklahoma Sooners Football

Woohooooo Football is around the corner #Boomer #Sooner

Oklahoma Sooners & NFL Blog

Rickey Dixon

Chris Brown

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99 Days Til Sooner Football

Pats Fans: No Need To Be Classy About A Super Bowl Win

Patriots vs the World

A Goodbye of Sorts – It’s with some sadness I’m here to report that this will likely be my last blog post maybe ever… Maybe. I’ve accepted a new job and without getting into details I’ve decided to walk away from the blog because of it. I’m proud to go out on a high note and report that my 31 Reasons To Get Off Your High Horse, NFL piece had over 100,000 views and counting. Not bad for a homer hack that lacks the lush credentials of a Skip Bayless or a Joe Buck. Thank you incredibly to everyone who took the time to read it, share it, comment, all that. And thank you to everyone who followed the Facebook page week after week up through the undisputed most exciting Super Bowl of all time. I’ll probably still update the Facebook, but my days of long winded exposes of why…

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Oklahoma now has nation’s longest streak when leading at the half, at 45