David Smith transferring to Jacksonville State

Spring Football has started

We're back. #sooners

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Jordan on Jordan

Joe Mixon on OU’s official online roster

#TBT 1985 Sooners with Aikman and the Schooner

sooners 1985

Eric Pope, Boz, Kevin Murphy, Troy Aikman, Tony Casillas, Kyle Irvin, Darrell Reed, Derrick Shepard, Spencer Tillman


Pats Fans: No Need To Be Classy About A Super Bowl Win

Patriots vs the World

A Goodbye of Sorts – It’s with some sadness I’m here to report that this will likely be my last blog post maybe ever… Maybe. I’ve accepted a new job and without getting into details I’ve decided to walk away from the blog because of it. I’m proud to go out on a high note and report that my 31 Reasons To Get Off Your High Horse, NFL piece had over 100,000 views and counting. Not bad for a homer hack that lacks the lush credentials of a Skip Bayless or a Joe Buck. Thank you incredibly to everyone who took the time to read it, share it, comment, all that. And thank you to everyone who followed the Facebook page week after week up through the undisputed most exciting Super Bowl of all time. I’ll probably still update the Facebook, but my days of long winded exposes of why…

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Jordan Phillips: Combine players with most to prove

Jordan Phillps
Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma: He is just a freak in terms of his combination of size and athleticism — he can do a standing backflip at 6-5, 334 pounds. His effort is very up and down, and teams are going to have to get to the bottom of his passion for the game in his interviews, and he also dealt with a back injury previously which could scare off some NFL decision-makers — which is why it’s very important that he meets the expectations teams are going to have for him as an athlete. He might not put up the same numbers that Dontari Poe did during his combine — 44 bench reps and a 4.98 40-yard dash at 6-3, 346, which is just ridiculous — but he has a chance to be in the same ballpark. Phillips isn’t quite as strong, but he might beat Poe with some of his times.

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Blake Bell invited to NFL Combine as a TE


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