Boomer Sooner – Sooners from the Steelers vs Panther game last night

S/O to my OU boys 4 of us on the field last night @c.walk53 @landryjones @justinbrown #Boomer

S/O to my OU boys 4 of us on the field last night @c.walk53 @landryjones @justinbrown #Boomer


Justin Brown update – Pittsburgh Steelers camp

Pittsburgh Steelers Rookie Camp

Justin Brown is listed on the Steelers’ Depth Chart as the back up to Antonio Brown, also reports that he has been playing in the slot at recent practices, will be great to see the former Sooner (one year) make the 53.

Justin Brown – Steelers Update – 4th WR

Justin Brown steelers
Justin Brown is the primary backup to Antonio Brown. Based on this, it would appear that as of the issuing of this initial depth chart Justin Brown is currently the team’s No. 4 receiver.

Justin Brown – Steelers – Impressive

Justin Brown

Justin Brown

Haley oversaw the impressive trio of Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston that carried the Cardinals to their first Super Bowl appearance in 2009. He also coached the Terrell Owens-Terry Glenn combination in Dallas.

His recent proclamation is more about the progress of a pair of 2013 draft picks in third-rounder Markus Wheaton and sixth-rounder Justin Brown.

While Wheaton checked in at No. 20 on our “Making the Leap” countdown, it’s Brown who seems to have reached an epiphany in his second offseason.

“He really doesn’t look like the same guy. He’s made a transition,” wide receivers coach Richard Mann said of Brown. “He’s changed and matured. He understands the concepts. (He’s) smoother. His body language is different. He’s just a different guy.”

Ben Roethlisberger recently singled out Brown for a “great” minicamp.

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